Wambo Wind Farm (Project) is a proposed wind energy development located near Jandowae, in the Western Downs region of Queensland. The Project will deliver renewable energy to the national electricity grid and contribute to the Queensland Government’s renewable energy generation target of 50% by 2030, helping the State transition to a low carbon emissions future.

When fully operational, Wambo Wind Farm will produce enough clean energy to power approximately 170,500 houses annually, and prevent the emission of more than 1.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

At a glance

Project name:

Wambo Wind Farm

Project status:

Planning approval granted


Western Downs region of Queensland

Generating capacity:

~250MW in stage 1

Number of turbines

~42 in stage 1, with capacity to increase in the future based on feasibility studies

Job creation

up to 200 during construction, up to 20 during maintenance and operation

Reduced and/or avoided emissions

~1.1 million tonnes CO2-e per year

Equivalent homes powered annually

~170,500 homes when fully operational

About the project

Wambo Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy development located in the western downs region of Queensland. The Project will be constructed in stages, with the first stage consisting of approximately 42 turbines. The second stage of the project is contingent upon grid availability and feasibility studies.

Stage 1 of the Project would deliver circa 250MW of renewable wind energy to the national electricity grid, and contribute to the Qld Government’s renewable energy generation target of 50% by 2030. Stage 2 of the project is contingent on the outcome of feasibility studies and could see up to an additional 250MW of renewable energy being generated by Wambo Wind Farm. This is enough clean energy to power approximately 170,500 houses annually, and prevent the emission of more than 1.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

The Project is located near the Bunya Mountains region of Queensland – approximately 200 kilometres North West of Brisbane. The area has been identified for its excellent wind resources and attractive grid connectivity.

The Project will employ around 200 people during construction, and in the long term, up to 20 maintenance and operational staff. A focus of the Project will be to secure local labour and materials.

When operational, the Project will contribute to the community in a targeted and meaningful way through a community benefit fund.

Wambo Wind Farm welcomes the opportunity to work with residents and the community to address project concerns.

Project status

Wambo Wind Farm received planning approval from the Queensland State Government in October 2020 under State code 23: Wind farm development of the State Development Assessment Provisions. The planning approval considers environmental impacts, visual impacts, noise, traffic, construction and operation impacts and community feedback.

Stage 1 would deliver circa


of renewable wind energy

Stage 2 could see up to an additional


of renewable wind energy

Enough energy to power


Houses annually when fully operational

Prevent the emission of more than

1.1 million

tonnes of carbon dioxide

A Community Benefit Fund is a pool of money set aside by Wambo Wind Farm to support projects and initiatives in local communities near the project.

In 2021, Wambo established a pre-construction Community Benefit Fund of $50,000 for local projects. When calling for submissions there was a particular focus on projects that supported Wambo’s principles of building sustainable communities and enhancing the safety, health and well-being of local people. The pre-construction fund was very well supported, with numerous submissions received from community groups and organisations.

First payments were made in May 2021 with a total of $32,000 allocated to various community projects. The second round of funding was released in September 2021, providing a further $25,600 in project funding.  

Round one Community Benefit Fund recipients were:
• Taralga Retirement Village
• Jandowae Squash Club
• Jandowae Bowls Club
• Jandowae Golf Club

Round two recipients were:
• Jandowae Kindergarten
• Bell Golf Club
• Ironpot Farmers Hall
• Jandowae Progress Association
• Jandowae Primary School

How can I make a submission for funding?
Once the wind farm is in construction an expanded Community Benefit Fund will be established. The community will be notified and there will be a call for submissions for funding. Submission criteria, an application form and the fund’s terms of reference will be made available to interested groups and organisations at that time.


Q1 2020

A wind monitoring campaign to confirm the wind resource potential in the area

JULY 2020

Environmental and planning assessment submitted


Development approval issued


Construction expected to start, subject to approvals


Wind farm operation expected to begin

About the developers

Wambo Wind Farm was conceived and explored by Renewable Energy Partners (REP) in mid-2018. Throughout late 2018 and 2019, REP secured a number of landowners to participate in the Project. REP and Cubico Sustainable Investments agreed in mid 2019 to co-develop the Project, with the intent that Cubico will be the long-term owner and operator of Wambo Wind Farm.

Renewable Energy Partners

REP brings together a team of highly motivated professionals with over 80 years of combined experience to originate and develop large-scale renewable energy projects in Australia. Other current REP projects include the 250MW Western Downs Solar Farm, the 400MW Eungella Wind Farm and the 1GW+/7GWhr+ Urannah Pumped Hydroelectric Scheme. REP also have a number of other renewable energy projects totaling over 2GW of generation in various stages of development.

Cubico Sustainable Investments

Founded in May 2015, Cubico Sustainable Investments is a major investor in the renewable energy sector. The company is backed by the resources of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada’s largest single-profession pension plan, and PSP Investments, one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers. Cubico’s global portfolio in eleven countries has an installed gross capacity of approximately 3.3 GW. Cubico is headquartered in London and has offices in Uxbridge (UK), São Paulo (Brazil), Fortaleza (Brazil), Milan (Italy), Stamford (US), Mexico City (Mexico), Madrid (Spain), Lyon (France), Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Bogotá (Colombia).





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    Wambo Wind Farm, a 500 MW development project in south-west Queensland, has announced the first four local recipients of its $50,000 Pre-Construction Community Benefit Fund.


    Construction of a wind farm project in the heart of Australia’s energy capital is getting close to commencing which will contribute to the government’s renewable targets.

    Huge Wambo wind and battery storage project gets planning approval

    The 500MW Wambo wind farm and associated big battery in the Western Downs region of Queensland has received planning approval from the state government, with construction expected to begin late next year.

    Queensland grants planning approval for 500MW Wambo wind farm

    The Queensland state government has grant planning approval for the 500MW Wambo wind farm to be located in south-west part of the Australian state.

    Cubico sustainable investments in Russell, CT

    We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Wambo WInd Farm development project in the Western Downs region of Queensland, Australia, from Renewable Energy Partners (REP).

    Wambo Wind Farm secures state government planning apporval

    The 500MW Wambo Wind Farm project has secured planning approval from the Queensland state government.

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    16 JUNE 2021

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    16 FEBRUARY 2021

    Neighbour Forums Summary

    11 & 12 SEPTEMBER 2020

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    9 & 10 DECEMBER 2020

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    Project Documents

    Wambo Wind Farm – Area Offset Management Plan
    23 May 2022

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How big is the Wambo Wind Farm project?

    In total, the project is approved to build up to 110 turbines, however construction will be completed in two stages:

    Stage 1 of the project comprises 42 wind turbines. 

    Stage 2 is in planning and is contingent upon a number of factors.

    How was the project assessed?

    As with all wind farm proposals, Wambo Wind Farm was subject to assessment under both State and Federal government planning controls and environmental assessment criteria. The Project’s development application (DA) was approved by the Queensland Government under  State code 23: Wind farm development of the State Development Assessment Provisions.

    In late January 2022, the Federal Government approved the Project under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

    How many local jobs will Wambo Wind Farm create?

    It is expected that the project will create up to:

    • 200 new jobs during construction
    • 20 ongoing management and maintenance jobs once the wind farm is operational

    Wambo Wind Farm is committed to the use of local labour and materials wherever possible and will emphasise this with contractors engaged for the Project.

    How can I register for opportunities
    on the project?

    Wambo Wind Farm is working with Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprises (TSBE). TSBE is assisting with engaging local business communities and providing opportunities for the supply of goods and services as well as work on the project, particularly during construction.You can register your business interest in the project via wambowindfarm@tsbe.com.au

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